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What are the different types of kitchen faucets?


The sink is not sufficient in itself in your kitchen: in addition to the traditional basins, it is important to add the missing link, namely a top faucet – and not just any. You must read about kitchen faucets before you buy, otherwise you might end up with a poor quality one.

It is no longer used just for dishes or simple washing of vegetables or hands, the tap is an essential element in contemporary kitchens around the world.

In fact, the types of faucets as well as models are various: between the kitchen tap, the hand shower, or even the touchless tap, the manufacturers are not short on ideas.

Moreover, to make a choice in this mass of products with sometimes complex names, can prove to be a true problem, especially since certain types of faucets are not adapted to all kitchen sinks.

Faucets for a modern kitchen sink

It is certainly the most classic tap, because it is the very origin of the product. Although it has been overtaken by current models, it has always proved to be one of the easiest to use and continues to fill secondary-use sinks, such as in basements and laundry rooms.

The operation is extremely easy: you have two heads, a first regulating the hot water, one second regulating the cold water. Although on these sink faucets, the location of the cold and hot water levers are invariably the same, most manufacturers add flame, drop, or water icons. A red pellet and a blue pellet.

By operating these two heads or handles, the user can create the ideal temperature by mixing cold water with hot water .

This model, simple of use and manufacturing, is today and by far the least expensive.

If you want to moderate your investment, it is not a low-cost solution and always represents an excellent quality ratio if your expectations of comfort are not disproportionate.

Faucets for a kitchen sink design

According to the models, you will have to spend between 50-200 according to the quality and the brand of the model.

For precision and pressure, choose the spray hose

The hand shower is certainly the biggest evolution on the faucets for thirty years. This is one of the most advanced faucet models and also one of the most expensive on the market .

The proof is that it is mainly used by professionals: so in kitchens they always use a high pressure spray to clean dishes.

Kitchen sink faucets with hand shower

Suffice to say that to equip a shower, is to take a first step in the world of professionals, even to spend several hundred dollars for a good model.

Thanks to the pressure induced by the valve and the ergonomic duct, the time of dishes is optimized on the one hand and the quality of the finish is optimized because it is possible to work in depth by dislodging the dirt around the sink. These same dirt that resist the traditional dishwasher!

Thanks to the outlet pressure as well as the radiation accessible by the hand shower, one can clean their dishes very fast.

It should be noted however that the hand shower is not a model of faucet but an accessory. However, there are more and more models sold in a unique format: the integrated shower series to the tap.


Sink faucet design

If the purchase price of the kitchen mixer may represent a certain investment, it is also necessary to think about the quality of its output and the savings that it is likely to induce in the long term.

Since the tap is operated on average a hundred times a day, the purchase of a quality one, which can keep going for several years without breaking down, is really ideal.

How To Choose a Fish Tank

When it comes time to buy a home for your fishy friend you want to make sure to get the best quality fish tank that you can. See here for some examples

First of all, you will have to decide what size of aquarium you want depending on the space you have. The larger the aquarium, the easier it will be to maintain, but water temperature changes will take longer which can be detrimental to some species of fish.

fish tanks

Species of fish

The real owners of the aquarium are always the fish, so choose carefully what species you want to have in your aquarium. Remember that each species is destined to either salt or fresh water, so the biggest and most robust fish usually live in fresh water. While fish like guppys, clowns, etc prefer to live in the salt water.


Aquarium prices can range from 20-500 dollars. But you will have to invest more money in food, conditioners, filters, feeders, and other accessories.

Type of water

You can choose between fresh water or sea water. Inside the fresh water is a mix of cold water and hot water, it’s also called tropical. It is important to know that 90% of the species that are sold in pet stores are meant to live in tropical freshwater. Sea water is more expensive but allows you to include countless different species of fish. In most cases, the amateur fish keeper begins with a sweet tropical aquarium, and when they acquires more skills and experience they advance to a saltwater aquarium.